Dec 2020 | The magical world of orignami.

Uros Mihic is a Serbian designer, origami master and former architecture student at the Milan Polytechnic. Mihic redefines the ancient art of paper folding, transforming sheets into geometric compositions. Design pieces that appear as a logical system endowed with a minimal beauty, a microcosm where every single fold defines the birth of a new planet, a new star. 

Each fold is in fact functional to the order of that iconic universe, a crescendo of forms that imitate and interpret the animal and plant kingdom, as well as the architectural universe, in a surprising and extravagant way. Cosmopolitan designer as well as craftsman, linked to Italian craftsmanship, Mihic explores the roundness of reality through his creations. Model in perfect geometries, the result of meticulous work. A poetic rigor that leads him to excellent collaborations with major brands. Among the many other installations, the reinterpretation of the Milan Cathedral built with folded books and commissioned by the Milan Triennale for Expo Gate.