Moaconcept is a project conceived by a group of young Italian designers, who have their reason for living in art and creativity.

The brand combines the original artistic inspiration with a careful knowledge of the luxury market trends.

The "dialogue" between the consumer and the creative department is an integral part of Moaconcept. This dialogue allows to create products that inspire customers to join the brand's world of values and lifestyles.

The goal for the next few years is to pave the way for a new way of thinking, with a more marked social responsibility.

Based in Florence, Moaconcept incorporates the sophistication of Italian style, accompanied by an international mindset.

2013 |

The story of Moaconcept begins in Florence in 2013 thanks to the meeting of a group of young Italian designers from different international backgrounds and with a great passion for art and design. Master of Arts represents the historic brand created in 2013, with which the company begins its development path.

2015 |

In 2015 he defines an agreement with Disney. A period begins in which the company, thanks to its creativity in interpreting the iconic Mickey Mouse, goes through a phase of continuous growth.

2018 |

In the face of development, the company is structured at an organizational level; in 2018 to meet the market demand of a younger audience, he created the Playground line.

2019 |

In 2019 he defines another major deal with Warner Bros, taking the Looney Tunes license.

The first model with reduced environmental impact is designed, in which the choice of raw materials begins to trace a path that will lead the company to interpret the concept of eco-sustainability with increasing rigor.


Change occurs when ideas meet.

Our mission is to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for those who wish to be unique and independent. We celebrate individual expression and create products that are inspired by art and creativity. We create products for those who are not afraid to think outside the box and live as a protagonist in the present, rather than looking from the outside.


Moaconcept is divided into collections that interpret the tradition of Made in Italy in a modern key, thanks to a team of Italian stylists, who create products with a contemporary taste and innovative design.

The brand is aimed at an audience over 30 years of age, who want to distinguish themselves with originality and a touch of flair, refusing approval, consistent with their interest in art and their admiration for talent.

Agreements and licenses

Numerous collaborations activated in recent years, from those with artists and graphic and design studios, to commercial agreements with Disney and Swarovski.

To crown the historic collaboration with the Disney brand, in 2016 Master of Arts was awarded the "Disney Best Licensee of the Year 2016" award, with which The Walt Disney Company awards each year the best licensee for creativity and enhancement of tradition. Disney in an innovative way.

The 2018 collaboration with Swarovski, the brand that with its details enriches the sneakers collections with limited editions, embellished with small crystals.