The Moa Tribute hosts the Sardinian artist Manu Invisible, who creates a work on the pavement of a square in Montevarchi, entitled "Commitment". The concept expressed is clear: facing the present with a responsible vision towards the future, a vision symbolized by the embrace of a mother for her child.

What inspired you to create your work?
What inspired me in this work is the conception of the future, seen from a positivist point of view and therefore it is a future seen in its most rosy facet.

What role does art play for you in society today?
I believe that art is the skeleton of society, since it structures its soul and builds its identity

Regarding the theme you addressed with your work, what message do you want to convey to those who will observe it from now on?
My work, which takes the title of "Commitment", through the concept of pareidolia reveals a symbolic image enclosed in the maternal embrace between mother and child, an evocative power that finds its true meaning in the consciousness of a near future

Tell us an episode from your life related to the topic you have addressed.
I do not have a real episode but certainly an intertwining of events and relationships that act as a thermometer of both my private and professional life, particularly affecting this work which makes us reflect on an intimate or public relationship but still controlled. from a commitment, a social bond.


Manu Invisible embarks on his artistic path at the beginning of the 21st century in Sardinia, settles in Milan and subsequently completes various works in the international arena.
Coming from the world of Graffiti, he maintains the urban approach of this discipline, his art differs in the context of Street Art for the choice of inserting words with a high symbolic value, in crumbling urban contexts and fast-flowing streets.
Manu Invisible wears a black dress with traces of paint in different colors, he is a masked artist, he is differentiated by a shiny black mask with sharp shapes, inspired by geometry and night.
Graduated from the Liceo Artistico, he later held several exhibitions at the Spazio Galileo in Milan and completed a mural work on the facade of the Liceo Carnot Jean Bertin in France.

He has carried out private fresco courses, both in Florence, one at the Accademia del Giglio, the other at the Bottega del Bon Fresco of Maestro Massimo Callossi.

On April 4, 2016, before the Court of Cassation he was acquitted in the final formula, after having already been acquitted in the first and second instance at the Court of Milan, in which the artistic value of his intervention was recognized.
In 2018 he completed a 360 ° Traditional Fresco along the walls of the Aula Magna Capitini of the University of Cagliari. Manu Invisible has been part of several projects, completed with passion, the same one that has accompanied him since the beginning of his career.

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