The walls of the gardens of a park in the city of Montevarchi were the blank canvas on which the Roman artist testified to his creativity on the theme of equality, enhancing a place hitherto left to decay, inaugurating the Moaconcept Tribute project.

"Art represents a world beyond the rational and the visible"

What inspired you to create your work?
My main inspiration comes from the particular shape of the building that I'm going to paint in Montevarchi. I have already read a lot on this topic by myself and with this pretext I have deepened the mythology around the figures of Ariadne, Minos, Minotaur and the labyrinth in ancient and modern art and in philosophy. A huge theme that I will briefly outline in my speech.

What role does art play for you in society today?
Art (I am speaking of all arts, not just the visual one) as in all eras represents the world that exists beyond the rational and the visible, a world that everyone lives in part and that they are lucky enough to be able to appreciate freely. Freedom of choice in this area must be sovereign.

Regarding the theme you addressed with your work, what message do you want to convey to those who will observe it from now on?
I don't like giving messages because I believe that art doesn't have to direct. I can only tell what I thought while I was designing it but all this makes no sense except in those who perceive it as such. A work has infinite senses and visions and this is what makes a work immortal in my opinion.

Tell us an episode from your life related to the topic you have addressed.
I walked into a mirror maze once and it was really weird. Already the labyrinth in itself represents an individual challenge, a moment of solitude in which you are faced with a problem to be solved, an enigma, plus being mirrors I saw my image repeated endlessly, so it was a challenge among other terrifying me.


"A work of art has infinite meanings and perspectives, and that's what makes it immortal, in my opinion."

Born in Rome, she toured Europe up to the age of 25 together with the "Rat Syndrome", a group of lucid dream propagators, builders and inventors of playful structures with whom she built a mutant Labyrinth in Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina.
Then he returns to Rome with the intention of stopping in his beloved city and traveling more with his mind. He succeeds with the SerpeinSeno collective, a group of comfortably seated designers.
Leaving the group, she sets off for a new chapter of her journey, finally alone.
The fantasy figures of Gio Pistone, stylized and clean, are at the limit of the abstract, they have eyes, hands and legs but it seems that they are ready to lose them and soon leave this dimension to explore others. They are lit by a particular luminescence that smacks of memory or heritage and continually ask those who observe them to be fed by irrationality. The continuous struggle with the conscious ego returns them in shattered images where different sub-creatures interpenetrate and sustain each other in a mutual symbiosis.
Gio Pistone works by painting on walls, paper, wood, iron and everything interesting he finds on the street.

He has worked for advertising, newspapers and magazines (Drome Magazine, Liberazione, Illustrati - Logos, l'Unità, Corriere della Sera - Io Donna, Accattone, Dopress Books-China, Lucha Libre, STRA, Monsa Publications, Barcelona) and has participated in exhibitions in Italy and beyond (at the MADRE Museum in Naples and the Auditorium in Rome, Mondopop - Rome, Mostar Abrasevic Mladima - Bosnia Herzegovina, TrueHateArt la Rochelle - Bordeaux, MF Gallery - Genoa,
MF Gallery - New York, Cell63 - Berlin, Spazio Barnum - Bologna, Studio d'Ars - Milan). He has participated in festivals such as Scala Mercalli, Pop-up, Fra-Festival, MURo Museum of Urban Art in Rome, Art in Progress, Crack, Ratatà, VisionePeriferica.

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