Moaconcept and the Municipality of Montevarchi present the first Moaconcept Tribute, an urban and environmental redevelopment project through art.

Art as a vehicle for culture, sociability, creativity, work and youth entrepreneurship. The Moaconcept Foundation was created specifically for this purpose, supported by the brand through donations deriving from its profits.

The Municipality of Montevarchi, thanks to the enthusiasm of the Mayor Silvia Chiassai Martini, took up the Moaconcept challenge. Together they decided to promote some urban spaces of the city through the original works of some important Italian street artists. The mission of the project, which will start next April 6, 2021, is clear: to recover and enhance public areas through art. The theme of the works will be inclusion, respect for women and, in general, for minorities.

The artists who will participate from April will be: Gio Pistone, Marco Oggian, Andrea Crespi, Vanni Vaps and Manu Invisible. Established talents who are making a virtuous journey on the Italian and international street art scene, through their art and their own original creativity, an authentic sense of urban aesthetics.

"The '' Moaconcept Tribute '' initiative by Montevarchi originates from the vision of the Moaconcept brand, the promotion and support of art, culture and talent in favor of social emancipation and environmental revitalization. Through the annual financial contribution deriving from the sales of our products, our goal is to redevelop, by supporting independent and emerging artists, the depressed or abandoned places of our cities. Art helps us to understand others, it is inclusive and represents an incredible factor of aggregation and social development, placing the individual and talent at the center, for the benefit of the community. Art Brings Us Together ". Matteo Tugliani, Founder of Moaconcept

Mayor Silvia Chiassai Martini: "The Municipal Administration considers it important to try to enhance, revitalize and make the use of the city's neighborhoods more enjoyable. Therefore, we took the opportunity of the Moaconcept Foundation project, which makes use of young Italian artists known internationally, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the environments frequented daily by citizens, in particular by children and young people, who are particularly attracted by street art, by the language and expressiveness of these young talents, through which it will be possible to communicate social messages to be promoted especially among the new generations "

Montevarchi is the first stage of a long-term project with which Moaconcept wishes to make available the works and artistic talent of many young people who, fortunately, look to the future with hope and who have chosen a profession that is really the lifeblood. vital of every society of the past, of ours and of the next ones to come.