Moaconcept ospite al Ravenous Fashion Padcast


Moaconcept guest at the Ravenous Fashion Padcast


Moaconcept guest at the Ravenous Fashion Padcast

At the Dating Socks in May at The Social Hub Bologna we met Beatrice Mazza , the founder and host of Ravenous Fashion Padcast who invited us to participate in the first Italian podcast on fashion, marketing and sustainability which talks about the fashion industry in all its complexity and beauty.

We enthusiastically accepted Beatrice's invitation and on June 28th we were guests of the episode: " What it's like to be a Benefit Company" . Our spokesperson was Marta Pintus , our Communication Manager and the lawyer Giacomo Pailli of the MPM Avvocati firm.

In the episode we tell you about the rebranding path wanted by our CEO & Founder Matteo Tugliani which led us to become a Benefit Company in 2022. We also tell you about our MyOwnAction project, the set of actions that the company carries out in the field of policies ESG, including our used sneaker collection and recycling program.

👉 Listen to the episode here and find out "What it's like to be a Benefit Company":

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