A new space for young people in a historic place of sociality.

Sunday 26 June at 6.00 pm, Bibbiena inaugurates the eleventh green area dedicated to the young people of the area and does so with the colors of peace.
After the construction works, Moaconcept has hired the two street artists Andrea Crespi and Manu Invisible, who will make the structure of the basketball court in Piazzale John Lennon unique.

The Mayor Filippo Vagnoli comments: “For Bibbiena this is the eleventh organized structure made in favor of young people and sociality. This basketball court, however, has an extra meaning, given that it stands in a place of memory for the Bibbienesi. Generations of boys and girls spent their adolescence here. I am particularly satisfied with this path and also excited, having seen the original project dedicated to peace and the future. Getting young people back together is a fundamental step after the pandemic and will become a strategic aspect for the growth of the new generations ".

The Casentino Rotary Club with its current President Marcello Zazzaro comments: “ The theme of“ Peace ”is never more topical than in these moments. In the past, in the Greek and Roman world, sport was considered an element of union and not of division. Hence the idea of ​​creating a new volleyball and basketball court for our kids ".

The Santa Maria basketball court will be called "Imagine" in honor of John Lennon to whom the large square where it stands is dedicated and in honor of all those in the world who are bearers of peace, in a historical moment that calls us all to have to carry forward this fundamental value.

Matteo Tugliani President of Moaconcept comments: “ We were contacted about a year ago by the municipal administration and the Casentino Rotary Club who asked Moaconcept to take care of the artistic curatorship and the feasibility of the redevelopment of the John Lennon square. As founder and president of the Italian brand, it was a pleasure to be born in Arezzo to respond with enthusiasm and passion to the environmental and social redevelopment of the field, by contacting and hiring two socially committed artists such as Andrea crespi and Manu Invisible with whom we have carried out other similar operations and we are united by deep human values ​​and social commitment. I proposed the union of two artists with different styles in the same work to give a sense of inclusion and respect for diversity and we proposed the word peace in a square named after an artist who has inspired generations.
Our brand turns 10 in 2023 and believes in responsible and shared profit, which is why we have decided to become a benefit company and support, treat and encourage regenerative activities for society, people and the environment. This is our corporate mission ".

By Moaconcept Official