Oct 2020 | Photographer Adam Katz Sinding's gaze on the classics of the winter collection 

Moaconcept asked one of the most popular international street fashion photographers, Adam Katz Sinding, aka AKS, to interpret the classics of its winter collection.
A native American photographer, AKS lives in Copenhagen, the city where he shot the Moaconcept collection, inserting it into the typical urban imagery of the Scandinavian city. AKS is a true innovator of the street scene and since 2003 tells the story of fashion within the new metropolis where it manages to find hidden geometries and every new point of view made available, to a careful eye, by city spaces.

The sneakers from the Moaconcept winter range chosen by AKS for his shooting are the more metropolitan and urban ones, the classics of the Moaconcept collection, including the camo and animalier models that AKS transforms into cosmopolitan styles, in contrast with the pure and extraordinary geometries of the capital. Danish.