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Our vocation has always been to provide society with our contribution. We have chosen to transform ourselves into a Benefit Company (we are the first Italian company in our sector), wearing the legal form that best fits our brand values, mission and vision. This corporate structure, which is rooted in the culture of corporate social responsibility, focuses on the company's pursuit of positive goals for society and the environment and the concrete actions the company takes to achieve them, thus giving back part of its profit to the community.


Not just sneakers but a universe of values and behaviors that benefit the community 

The Benefit Society carries out its economic activity by pursuing, in addition to the purpose of profit, one or more purposes that contribute to environmental, social and economic prosperity in the medium and long term. It represents an innovative and virtuous business model that is committed to formalizing its contribution and goals and communicating them transparently to its stakeholders.

We don't run for a goal, we share a goal

1 sneaker - 1 tree

Desertification and drought are two problems that greatly affect climate change. We decided to make our small contribution by activating a partnership with WeForest, an international NGO, to fund the planting of 10,000 trees in Tanzania's Mara region. 

Every sneaker sold helps fund the growth of a tree. In this way we make our contribution to preserving and improving the environment because we believe that each of us can help slow climate change through small and large daily gestures.

| Visit WeForest


Valuing the territory and people

Moaconcept has for years been engaged in urban regeneration of degraded areas through collaboration with public institutions, private entities and the involvement of independent artists. We believe that art helps to understand others: it is inclusive and is an incredible factor of aggregation and social development, placing individuals and their talents, for the benefit of the community.

| Bibbiena June 2022 - basketball court redevelopment - Find out more
| Montevarchi April 2021 - urban redevelopment - Crespi - Oggian Manu invisible - Vaps - Gio Pistone


80% of the collections are made from eco-friendly materials 

The new Moaconcept collections make the search for eco-friendly materials a cornerstone of their philosophy. In recent seasons, sneakers have been made using materials with a low environmental impact. The road is complex, and getting to zero impact on the environment is a utopian goal today, but we feel it is our duty to start charting a course. 

- AppleSkin - a sustainable leather produced using fibers derived from the industrial processing of apples. Industrial residues from apples are thus recovered and transformed into new raw material, thus replacing raw materials of chemical origin, lowering emissions and energy consumption throughout the production chain, and saving on waste management costs. An upcycled, environmentally and animal friendly material. 

 - Organicraft - a biodegradable leather that is processed in a completely environmentally sustainable way: the treatment uses less water, the dyes are made with organic and vegetable pigments, and the finish is water-based. The result is a zero-waste material that is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. 

- Bio leather - GRS (Global Recycled Standard / Intertech) certified recycled leather, made with metal free and chrome free vegetable tanning.