We love Art


We love art in all its expressive forms, be they customary or unconventional.
Painting, sculpture, music, street art, digital art, photography, etc ..., the "category" does not matter, if ever it can be limited to pre-established art schemes. Today creativity takes on new forms, expresses itself in new contexts, in which the boundaries valid in the past are continually crossed and in which works and installations create multisensory effects. Not just “museum” art, relegated to motionless and usual spaces, but itinerant, dynamic, open-air art, on walls, on buildings, in the street. Art as a social engine, capable of elevating minds; a place where art lives abandons physical and social decay to elevate the minds and spirit of those who live there.
Artistic inspiration is the driving force of our brands; it is our creative DNA, what allows us to make our iconic sneakers. Art is what guides us in the continuous search for the right mix between creativity and market trends.


Moaconcept has collaborated with young and independent artists who through our sneakers have expressed their vision of the brand with textures and designs that have given life to unique pieces and limited series.

The first collab of the Master of Arts brand saw the protagonist Mr. Thoms alias Diego della Posta, one of the best known Italian street-artists in the world and active in the art scene for over ten years.
Mr. Thoms has created for this collaboration with MOA Master of Arts, original graphics that have been expertly applied to the most iconic models of the brand. The result? A capsule collection with an ironic and cutting style, sold out in the best stores around the world.

For the FW 17/18 collection we collaborated with an extraordinarily creative Belgian street artist called Joachim, with whom we also organized live performances in the Top Shops where the Master of Arts collection is sold.
Joachim rose to the fore of the Belgian art scene before and afterwards through his creativity that is inspired by an innocent, childish spontaneity and a mix of styles and techniques. In addition to creating street art in major metropolises, Joachim works on canvas, often using unusual, recycled or discarded materials. These works, where the recurring motif of giant eyes and teeth is exploded, make Joachim's art unique in the panorama of international street art.

For SS19 we have chosen to collaborate with the most provocative street artist of the moment: TVBOY. In the spotlight for his works of political and non-political satire (the kiss between Salvini and Di Maio made right on the walls of the parliament is famous), TVBOY was a guest of the brand during the June 2018 edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo during which he created a live opera and presented his capsule collection.

On the occasion of the Pitti Uomo International Exhibition in January 2019, street artist King Rusto creates a work simulating an external wall, which was used as a backdrop for the Playground # flr stand.

Past collaborations include visual artist Moneyless, who created the original scenography for the 2018 Mengo Festival.

For the Moaconcept stand at Micam in Milan in September 2019, the artist Andrea Crespi is the protagonist of a live performance in which, through the original technique based on the thickness of the lines, he creates the Furura sneaker.
In February 2020 Andrea collaborates on the together # itwillbeok project, designing the t-shirt that Moaconcept together with the Haikure brand produce to raise funds for Italian healthcare, during the emergency for the covid-19 virus.