PEOPLE | 9/12/20


Uros Mihic is a Serbian designer, origami master and former architecture student at the Milan Polytechnic. Mihic redefines the ancient art of paper folding, transforming sheets into geometric compositions. Design pieces that appear as a logical system endowed with a minimal beauty, a microcosm where every single fold defines the birth of a new planet, a new star. Each fold is in fact functional to the order of that iconic universe, a crescendo of forms that imitate and interpret the animal and plant kingdom, as well as the architectural universe, in a surprising and extravagant way. Cosmopolitan designer as well as craftsman, linked to Italian craftsmanship, Mihic explores the roundness of reality through his creations. Model in perfect geometries, the result of meticulous work. A poetic rigor that leads him to excellent collaborations with major brands. Among the many other installations, the reinterpretation of the Milan Cathedral built with folded books and commissioned by the Milan Triennale for Expo Gate.



Photographer Adam Katz Sinding's gaze on the classics of the winter collection

Moaconcept asked one of the most popular international street fashion photographers, Adam Katz Sinding, aka AKS, to interpret the classics of its winter collection.
A native American photographer, AKS lives in Copenhagen, the city where he shot the Moaconcept collection, inserting it into the typical urban imagery of the Scandinavian city. AKS is a true innovator of the street scene and since 2003 tells the story of fashion within the new metropolis where it manages to find hidden geometries and every new point of view made available, to a careful eye, by city spaces.

The sneakers from the Moaconcept winter range chosen by AKS for his shooting are the more metropolitan and urban ones, the classics of the Moaconcept collection, including the camo and animalier models that AKS transforms into cosmopolitan styles, in contrast with the pure and extraordinary geometries of the capital. Danish.


PEOPLE | 3/11/2020


Jacopo Bernè is a talented young artist who tells the inexpressible emotions of the soul through a few colors. Love, passion, but also pain and suffering, feelings delivered to the creative gesture, the only possible expressive channel for Jacopo; this is his inevitable and passionate quest, which sees him enter the hidden spaces where life remains in the silence of the shadows. It is there that the artist moves, it is there that he listens, observes and returns through his work of lines and matter, a journey through the places of the soul. Jacopo often uses his hands and body to paint to feel "one with the creative act".

Jacopo collaborated with Maoconcept, creating a live performance, in which the bodies of the models represent the canvas on which to trace their creativity.


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PEOPLE | 27/10/2020


Federica Pessina was born professionally in 2013, designing and producing her own line of accessories and bags. Her unconditional love for fashion led her to complete her studies in Fashion Design and Communication at NABA. Thanks to his university studies and his constant pursuit of evolution, he creates his brand in Humpty Dum, an Italian street clothing brand. Extrovert and eclectic designer, with many years of fashion behind her, she boasts collaborations with international artists. Over time, she changes her creative ideas that blend influences from the fashion world with design. All this creates his "Wonderland"; a vast creative landscape in which each art provides a detail in the definition of this magical world.

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PEOPLE | 5/10/2020


Ginevra Grigolo is a 21-year-old Italian artist, freelancer and student currently based in London. Her career as a freelancer graphic designer and digital illustrator began in 2017, after attending the fourth year of high school in Los Angeles focusing on art and design. After finishing high school in Italy, Ginevra decides to continue her artistic studies by moving to London to follow a 3-year 3D Animation course at the University of Arts London (UAL). In parallel with her studies, Ginevra continues her passion for digital painting by painting daily and collaborating with a wide variety of artists, especially in the musical field, for the creation of portraits and musical covers. Geneva recently embarked on a modeling career working with the fashion agency First Model Management in London.

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PEOPLE | 25/9/2020


Born in Brazzaville in Congo, he grew up in Lecco, between the lake, where he began his activity as a DJ and producer at the age of 14, his music is a mix of urban sounds with UK electronic contamination. Marvely thanks to the growing notoriety in organizing musical events in the city of Milan, he has played alongside international artists such as Buraka Som Sistema, Daddy Freddy, Brenmar, Kaytranada, Ebony Bones, Kastle, Denzel Curry, High Klassified, Heron Preston, and many others.

With his new sung project, Marvely restarts from a secret dream and embarks on a new musical and visual journey made up of unpublished songs in Italian.

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EVENTS | 7/9/2020

KEVIN FRANCIS GRAY | Bardini Museum - Florence

Inauguration of the personal exhibition of the sculptor Kevin Francis Gray, in Florence in the prestigious location of Villa Bardini.
Gray's marbles and sculptures fit into the splendid setting of Stefano Bardini's collection, creating a link between present and past, between innovation and tradition. The exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Florence, is organized by Mus. And in collaboration with Eduardo Secci Contemporary. Curated by Antonella Nesi, it was created thanks to the support of Moaconcept.
The exhibition will be open from 2 June 2020 to 21 December 2020.

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Kevin Francis Gray|Muse|Edoardo Secci gallery



Photographer from Busto Arsizio, in the province of Varese, born in 1993, Simone Tadiello is now a freelance photographer who follows several influential artists including the Ferragnez family, Dark Polo Gang, Bella Thorne, Logan Paul & co

JULY 2020


Born on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the famous Bugs Bunny, the exclusive collaboration between Moaconcept and Looney Tunes continues to celebrate art and creativity in all its expressive forms.

Tweety, Silvestro, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and the other eternal Warner Bros. cartoon characters continue to animate our models with highly appealing graphics which, combined with the mix of colors and materials, make the sneakers unique and unmistakable.


JULY 2020


The collaboration between Moaconcept and Disney continues, starring the king of cartoons, Mickey Mouse. The iconic Gallery, Grandmaster and Double Gallery models are dressed for FW 20/21 in new leathers and colors and are embellished with monochromatic 3D effects and relief prints.

The legendary Disney character is also the protagonist not only of prints and embroideries, but also turns into jacquard patterns and motifs on leather and fabric, with an elegant effect that is never over the top.