Mattia Giordano was born in Turin in 1995. His eclectic artistic conception, halfway between video art and photography - a bond born from the playful encounter, which initially took place through disposable cameras, and flowed into exhibitions and creative projects - he enriched and contaminated his aesthetic research with grafts coming from different fields, such as painting, performance and film direction.
His poetry focuses on the emotional bond with the objects and subjects portrayed, using expedients and techniques that outline unusual stories and anomalous relationships from everyday life and apparent normality. His approach lays its foundations in the deepening of urban social contexts and recurring actions. He currently lives between the Netherlands and Italy.


WHEN GAME BECOMES ART Playing with objects in an unusual way

"The concept underlying this artistic experimentation is to bring back that desire to play and imagine typical of when one is a child, that is, that imagination without limits and conditioning that one unfortunately tends to lose when growing up. At that age, one is able to spend hours playing fantasizing with any object. I still do it as an adult, playing with the objects we use every day, hoping to convey to someone else that same desire to play with life. I try to bring that imagination back into me that led you to have fun for hours with a stick that became a rifle, a magic wand or whatever you wanted in your head. I use everyday objects in the "wrong" way only because it is not suited to the use we usually make of them. alternatively the objects that we use every day and that seem so trivial to us, I study the recurring actions and distort them. They are objects found on site and that lli accumulated over time that I reuse in my videos. This reuse of them also allows me to restore life to disused objects, relocating them in new aesthetic and emotional scenarios. For the choice of objects I do not follow any criteria but only the sensations of the moment in which I look at an object and it seems to send me messages.

Precarious balance is a project in series of video art / site specific installations, which places the object of everyday life as its main element, an emblem of contemporary hyper-consumerism. Each action breaks the static equilibrium of the set of elements forced to move and then return to a state of syntropy. "