In 2018 it was born Moaconcept Foundation ONLUS The project pursues purposes of social utility, in the field of environmental enhancement, proposing and carrying out training, research, dissemination of cultural and artistic activities in general.

The Foundation, in particular, intends to become a platform to support art and creativity, innovation and design, to bring out new artists and new forms of expression.
Why the Foundation? Art has always been the reference point of our brand, since its inception in 2013, with a natural graphic inspiration and a vocation for creativity and design.

We are convinced that art is an engine of knowledge and as such a source of inspiration for everyone. Art is able to improve the perception of things, opening minds and stimulating our attitude to change.

Art not only in museums, but everywhere, off the beaten path, even on the street, where it is able to enhance physical places and therefore people. Where “beauty” is born, respect for the territory and the social context increases.

This is why we have chosen art, in all its expressive forms, even unconventional ones, as the main field of activity. In this territory we intend to host and involve established and emerging artists and professionals, who can contribute to creating an innovative vision of the world and society.

From 2019, the Foundation intends to open a new scenario for the sneakers brand, soliciting and accompanying Moaconcept in the realization of projects with an environmental value, through the study of the use of recyclable and low-impact materials and the activation of projects in support of environment. This is a path that has just been undertaken which intends to provide its own small contribution to the cause, but which immediately presents itself as ambitious and challenging for the brand.