Moaconcept Foundation O.N.L.U.S. was born in 2018. Moaconcept Foundation O.N.L.U.S. Our project has social utility goals in the field of environmental proposing and carrying out training, research and the dissemination of cultural and artistic activities in general.

The Foundation, in particular, wants to become a platform that supports Art and creativity, innovation and design, and wants to help new artists and new expressive forms to emerge. Why this Foundation?

Art has always been Moaconcept source of inspiration since our birth in 2013 and our collections, Master of Arts and Playground have always showed a vocation towards creativity, design and graphic inspiration.

We do believe Art is a knowledge engine and therefore an endless source of inspiration for everybody. Art can improve our perception of the world, open our mind and enhance our attitude to change.

Art not only inside museums, but everywhere, outside the common paths. Art also in the streets where it can add value to places and thus people.

Where “beauty” is born , there respect for the territory and the social context increases.

This is why we chose Art, in all its forms, even the unconventional ones, as our main core activity. Our goal is to involve emerging and famous artists or art lovers which can help us create a new innovative vision of the world and of our society.

In 2019, the Foundation intends to open a new area for the brand, accompanying Moaconcept in the realization of projects with environmental value, through the study of the use of recyclable and low-impact materials and the activation of projects in support of the environment. It is a young project that intends to provide its own small contribution to the cause, but which immediately presents itself as ambitious for the brand.

Contest Body diversity

In March 2019 the Foundation launched a contest dedicated to young artists, on the subject of body diversity. The best works were awarded on 12 June 2019.