Practical exercise on a video production in progress.

This is a corporate video that was made during the Moaconcept tribute to Montevarchi and which aims to tell the company, its mission, its values, in an engaging way. The product we received (video above) does not meet the objective, representing more a mere documentation of the event in Montevarchi than a corporate video.

The exercise we are asking therefore is to make a proposal to modify this video, what would you add, how would you present it, what music would you use, what words, such claims, payoffs, what other video clips to integrate, etc ...

QUESTIONS / BRIEF - Each of you can ask me 3 questions to better frame the topic.

OUTPUT - PDF document containing a proposal of contents in ENGLISH and with at least 3 examples of visual output that you intend to propose.

DEADLINE - Delivery of the documents on Thursday 6 May to

PRESENTATION - The document must illustrate the project and must be presented through a call or in a personal meeting.

Information references / Moaconcept tribute

Attached documents

Corporate video

Company profile

Some reference videos just by way of example, these videos tell brands in different ways with very different styles. Their vision is to be taken as general inspiration only.

VEJA corporate video

Video advertising campaign ICHNUSA

CUCINELLI corporate video

ADIDAS video